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Forward- Jason Doherty

                                                                     Photo: The Independent  Out of all the things to be thankful in the world of GAA one of the main things for me would have to be the service the players give to their county, As the years go by and memories are made the fans grow an unbreakable bond with the players. Throughout the Mayo squad we have so many different personalities, so many great stars but many who are considered underrated, Many people consider this era of footballers to be the best throughout Mayo history. In todays post I'll be talking about a footballer who even though has had bad luck with injuries, has established himself as one of Mayo's greatest servants forward Jason Doherty. Photo: Midwest Radio The Burrishoole native made his debut against London in 2011, has made 53 + appearances in the Mayo jersey with a scoreline of 6-48 aswell of securing 1x Division 1 Title and 3x Connaught Titles. Its safe to say Doherty's Mayo career so fa
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What The Game Means To Me

  I often say that Mayo GAA is simply magic, you can never fully describe what it truly means to be a Mayo supporter, you fully support the men and women who deck out in the green and red jersey each game and your proud to say your from County Mayo. Its not that long ago when if you would have said to me that there was a Mayo match on at the weekend, I wouldn't give two hoots, its amazing how people change. It was the year 2015 when I became the GAA mad woman I am today and when I realised what the game means to me. Photo: RTE  One thing I'll always think is you can never describe the feeling say when a goal is scored that was  desperately needed or we got a detrimental win, I feel its extra special when its from Mayo because everyone knows the struggle over the past 70 years and your thinking each day gone by is that one step closer. As all Mayo fans know matchday is a great day , you try your hardest to try and beat the heavy traffic that will be expected, you try and find th

Defender - Colm Boyle

  Throughout the Mayo squad we are so privileged to have a different variety of players both veterans and fresh talent. It has often been said that we are possibly living in one of the greatest eras of footballers. We have had players come through who have reinvented the meaning of having pride while representing your county and in todays post is a perfect example of a much loved member of the Mayo panel Colm Boyle. Since first arriving on the Mayo panel against Sligo in 2008 Colm Boyle not only have an outstanding career to date but has grown into a player that Mayo fans and panel are proud to call one of our own. The 13 year veteran has one outstanding CV in the Mayo jersey with 56 + appearances, a score line of 1- 13, 5 Connaught titles, 1x Division 1 Championship and 4x All Stars. Whenever I am at a match you cant fully describe the incredible support that is shown for the likes of Colm whenever he comes on the pitch, its highly likely you will hear everyone scream from within &quo

Defender- Eoghan Mc Laughlin

  2020 was a year of difference but it was a year that Mayo GAA got to witness the rise of future stars. In just one season Eoghan Mc Laughlin along with Tommy Conroy, Oisín Mullin became the magnificent trio to burst through the ranks to senior level to start and new era in Mayo GAA history. The Westport man debuted against Leitrim and has made a great addition to the senior men's team aswell aswell as earning All Star and Young Footballer Of The Year nominations in only his first year. The former cyclist turned footballer raised a few eyebrows as to would he be suitable in such a high profile team but there's no question now that Mc Laughlin has such a bright future with Mayo at such a young age. With his most memorable match being against Galway in the Connaught final the twenty year old proved that he's well capable for the crazy world of Mayo football. His athleticism and passion for the game makes you proud to be a Mayo fan knowing the great talent that's making i

International Women's Day - The Women Of Mayo Football

  Throughout the history of women's football, the women's matches were just seen as an early entry into the ground so you would be able get your desired seat for the men's match. In recent times Ladies football has broken the barriers of gender stereotypes and have changed the meaning of being a girl who plays Gaelic football in all counties in Ireland. We all know how paranormal the world of Mayo football is, society may put more focus on the men's team but the Mayo ladies keep  proving why ladies football isnt something that should be overlooked. With great players like Sarah Rowe, Niamh and Grace Kelly, Aishling Tarpey, Dayna Finn, your proud to have such talented women wear that Mayo Jersey. When Lidil Ireland team up with the LGFA their goal was to shine more light on ladies football in Ireland, before this partnership it was a struggle to keep young girls playing GAA. Since then all county and club teams have gotten more recognition and backing to change the way w

Corner Forward - Tommy Conroy

  The 2020 season was the time where the GAA world got a taste of the amazing young talented players that are coming through the ranks to senior level. The Mayo senior men's team may have finished the season with another Connaught title under their belt but we were fortunate to experience the start of four players careers who no doubt will have exceptional careers in the Mayo Jersey after one odd but eventful GAA season. At only 21 years old in the space of one year, Conroy has gone to prove why he's going to be a key player for Mayo's future success. Making his senior debut against Leitrim with a scoreline of 1-8, there's no doubt Conroy's future is bright. To end a great first year Conroy achieved 1x Connaught Title, All Star and Young Footballer Of The Year nominations and became the first player in three decades to play for the Mayo senior team from The Neal GAA Club. In recent years the people of Mayo football has been saying we are possibly living in the great

Right Half Back - Oisín Mullin

  The 2020 GAA seasons might not have been similar to previous years but the 2020 season was the year that younger players took center stage. The Mayo senior panel got introduced to incredible talented young stars over the past year and there's no doubt there is a bright future ahead for this young star. Oisín Mullin may only have made his senior debut last year but there's no doubt to anyone that there's a bright future ahead for the Kilmaine star. In the space of a year Mullin has won 1 Mayo Junior A Title, Independent Young Sports Star of the year, 1x Connaught Title, PWC Young Footballer Of The Year and 1x All Star. Making his senior debut against Leitrim of last year, the spotlight and pressure was on the likes of Mullin, Eoghan Mc Laughlin, Tommy Conroy and Mark Moran to prove to James Horan that they deserved the call up to senior level and the players proved just that. In recent times Mayo GAA has been fortunate to have brilliant talented young players come through